The Inmotio analysis software is a very comprehensive application that combines statistics, graphs, animations, video and reporting.

The application has been developed by Inmotiotec in close cooperation with international elite sports coaches, scientists and sports institutes. The application provides live information to coaches, analists and ultimately to the athletes themselves.

The application has a modular structure and offers the possibility to develop new analysis methods together with Inmotiotec. Obviously, the application already includes a wide variety of easy to use modules.

The user is able to configure his own analysis methodes by defining speed or acceleration zones etc. The software calculates and provides the required data which is always immediately linked to 1 or more video streams.

The data of each game or training is easily exported to external databases such as MS Excel, Access or SQL. The use can use the Inmotio-provided reports or is able to build its own reports.


Analysis software

The Inmotio application software is client-server based. More than one user can be monitoring a session from his own device. This can be on the grass, ice or court by means of a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.