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The coach app for easy analysis- and reporting

The Inmotio Performance Center software enables your performance team to analyse and report game and training data in an efficient manner. The software allows you to combine tracking data from various systems, set your parameters and define standard or tailored reports for coaching purposes. By including both physical and tactical analysis and reporting, Inmotio provides your team with the toolkit to develop both the performance of athletes as well as coaches.

Physical performance

One of Inmotio’s core competencies is the analysis and reporting on physical data gathered by our LPM system. Due to its open connectivity, you can also analyse the physical data based on various other tracking systems, allowing for a more comprehensive data approach and reliable physical performance analysis.

Measuring physical performance

Do you want to measure accelerations and decelerations per players and over time, defining the parameters you need and reporting in your format and style? Inmotio’s accurate software allows you to combine the individual performance indicators such as acceleration with high accuracy, without losing its sight on the user-friendliness of the software and the coach app.  

Measuring Physics
Powerful combination between systems

Support in analysing data and defining physical reports

If you already have sufficient data available, Inmotio will convert all data to a standard format so you can start using our standard reports. Need help to define what you would like to see and analyse or what the parameters should be for physical performance measurement? Our consultants are always willing to help you out.


Analyse a wide range of tactical features
A wide range of tactical analysis tools is available in Inmotio’s software. With our software, you can analyse ‘Ball possession’, ‘Transition’, ‘Pass Options’ and many more tactical features. Analysis can be done in real time, post-match or directly after training.    

Improve tactics through world-class analysis

Leverage the skills and experience of other (performance) coaches. Our tactical analysis module is developed with the help of over more than 10 years of experience and knowledge of the best coaches around the globe. Compressed in the tactical module, your team finds the toolkit your needs to improve the level of analysis and as a result, the tactics of the team and athletes.  

Best tactics with world class analytics

Analyse decisive moments with 2D and 3D- visualisations

Players decide in a split of a second who they pass the ball to, how they pass it and where the ball should end. The Inmotio software visualises these decisive moments in 2D and 3D visuals in either real-time or post-match. These visuals allow for deep insights and analysis in the choices made at various moments during play.


With Inmotio’s comprehensive software you can report in any way you like. Our default reports cover the basics. Want to go more in-depth? With the exertion module in-depth analysis based on your set of parameters is within reach. And the beauty is: no limitations and everything is customisable.

Endless possibilities with our reports

Reporting is the part where data becomes meaningful information. This is where smart analysts make the difference. We provide lots of data so reports don’t have to be standard. Our reports are made for you by us or even made by yourself. 
No inspiration? Don’t worry, we also provide standard reporting or help you to customize one!

Endless possibilities with Inmotio reports
Powerful reports with customization

Powerful combination between systems

The Inmotio allows you to connect with multiple systems, allowing you to create an even more powerful set of analytics tools based on your preference.


Combine data-sets and improve analysis
Inmotio’s software is connected with many other tracking platforms. Once enhanced, our software and coach app provides our clients with a single place to upload tracking data and start analyzing and reporting performance data right away. 

Connect with most of the tracking system providers

With most of the tracking system provides, Inmotio has a connection. Chyron Hego, SportVU and many others can be converted to the Inmotio Standard and can be used right away to improve your data-analyses and quality of the reports.

Connect with your own system

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