Ice Hockey Performance Analysis

Improve ice hockey performance with real-time analysis.

Performance tracking beyond GPS

Performance tracking including the puck

State of the art accuracy through accelerations and decelerations
Combined tactical and physical analysis

Combined tactical and physical analysis

Direct insight in player and team fitness, stamina and (tactical) performance over time.

Real time comprehensive coaching application

Real-time comprehensive coaching application

The most powerful tool to analyse and work with the data collected by any hardware.

Compatible with ice hockey’s unique game-features

Team and tactical performance

  • Powerplay tactics and movement per line
  • Puck tracking enables analysis of various plays and situations
  • Analysis of time on ice related to shifts (team and individual,
    number and duration)
  • Visualisation of positional play of both team and individuals
    including movement

Individual and physical performance

  • Time on the ice per player (TOI)
  • Penalty success rate (both players and goalies)
  • Time and position (and movement) of players in zones
  • Data on accelerations and decelerations
  • Insights on physical health and injury risks

“Inmotio is the most accurate measurement system delivering real-time data for tactical and physical performance analysis in sports”

Inmotio offers key functionalities supporting team performance

Insights in critical metrics

The Inmotio System is well known for its high precision measurements and is frequently named as “the golden standard in sports tracking”. All metrics are therefore highly accurate, validated and fit to the fast-paced sport of ice hockey Especially when it comes to accelerations and decelerations which are seen as critical metrics. Inmotio delivers results that performance coaches dream of.
Insights in critical metrics
Data doesn’t improve performance

Data doesn’t improve performance…

The right interpretation of data does. The Inmotio System supports any form of analysis by providing an unlimited variety of user-defined metrics. No “one size fits all” multi-page reports – just the figures and metrics you need available in real-time on the Ice using the Inmotio Tablet.

Inmotio helps Ice Hockey teams to perform better and better each day, enabling tailored practices and easy reporting and sharing

Combine tactical analysis & physical analysis

Modern football teams combine tactical analysis and physical analysis more frequently. For the Inmotio System this has been the standard for many years. By combining player data, puck data and video streams, the Inmotio System delivers modern analysts and performance coaches precisely what they need to know.

Combine tactical analysis & physical analysis
Compatible with all major sports tracking systems

Compatible with all major sports tracking systems

As the sport of ice hockey becomes more and more familiar with implementing and using player tracking and analysing software to improve performance, multiple systems have sprung up and are being used. Does your club already have a sports tracking system and would you like to use it along with our coaching app? No problem, our advanced coaching application is compatible with most of the today’s leading tracking systems!

Our technology

1. Puck Tracking System

Our Puck Tracking System uses video technology to track pucks on the ice. Using our camera’s around the rink, we are able to deliver the position of the puck in real time.

2. Local Position Measurement (LPM)

The world’s most accurate positional measurement system, based on highly advanced RFID- technology. With LPM, the relative accuracy is not more than a few centimeters.

3. HD Dome Cameras

With a direct link with our LPM technology, HD Dome Cameras track players and synchronize the corresponding images with the right data.
Our technology

4. Analyse Software

Combine performance data such as speed and acceleration with powerful software that show development over time in graphs, statistics or animation. All provided with the corresponding sequence of video.

Coaching application

Combine performance data such as speed and acceleration with powerful software that shows development over time in graphs, statistics or animation. All provided with the corresponding sequence of video. This software brings you:

Options to connect with most of the tracking system providers

Support in analysing data and defining physical reports

The information you need to improve tactics through world-class analysis

2D and 3D visualisation
Multiple ways to analyse decisive moments with 2D and 3D- visualisations

Endless possibilities thanks to easy reporting

Flexibility in defining preferences and parameters to arrive at the best results

Detailed measurement of physical performance

Get detailed insights and gain an advantage over your competitors

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