Inmotio and BallJames merge to strengthen tracking services in sports performance analysis

Zeist, 7 December 2020 – Inmotio and BallJames are excited to officially announce its merger into one sports performance analysis company to extend focus on sports tracking solutions. Under the name Inmotio, the coming together of two powerhouses within data capturing will allow further advancements in the game.

The integration of both companies will enable Inmotio to continue having a vital role in supporting its clients with performance analysis. A range of experience within professional sport will be used in combination with a wide range of technological solutions. For instance, Inmotio is proud to offer a new and unique hybrid tracking data solution.

Furthermore, Inmotio will continue its expansion of multiple product lines through the IMO Client software application. This resource includes wearables powered by LPM and GPS technology, as well as Hybrid and Full Optical Tracking to bring the most accurate performance analysis technologies to clients.

While most of Inmotio’s industry experience is in football, the company also operates across other sports such as Ice Hockey, Handball and other indoor sports. Next to that, continued advancements in various industry verticals sees Inmotio constantly expanding its portfolio into new sectors.

In football, Inmotio currently works with several different client groups including federations, clubs, academies and universities all around the world. The technology created and used in the professional industry can be found at sporting stadia, training facilities and other indoor venues – all installed to enhance performance analysis to the most specific detail.

Overall, this merger of two highly skilled sports analysis companies has the aim of providing comprehensive data-driven tools and subsequent high performance on the pitch.

Inmotio moving forward

To date, Inmotio has provided a comprehensive coaching application through both physical and tactical insights for over 10 years. Inmotio has great expertise in a wide range of data-driven performance analysis methods including the delivery of Local Positioning Measurement (LPM) and GPS solutions. Direct involvement in the sports industry with clients such as the KNVB, PSV Eindhoven and Red Bull Salzburg has allowed Inmotio to build up a clear understanding of how data solutions can directly help on-field performance.

Added to that, BallJames will provide an optical football tracking solution. With up to 4 4K cameras located around the pitch, every action by the players, referees and the ball is captured real-time at 25 frames per second. Through added elements such as cloud computing and camera agnostic self-operating system, BallJames provides real-time and scalable information through optical tracking and the use of camera software solutions based on advanced Computer Vision algorithms – all of which provide users with direct insights.

Moving forwards, Inmotio will be located in Netherlands-based offices at the KNVB Campus in Zeist and Enschede as well as an office in Lenzing, Austria. With a team of 20 employees, Inmotio will continue its development as one of the industry leaders when it comes to tracking solutions in sports performance analysis and offering a wide-range of sports tracking solutions through wearables, hybrid tracking and full optical tracking.