Reliable and accurate tracking data is our key to success

Broadening our horizon

Inmotio is well known for its high precision measurement in the sports industry, but we also serve others. The possibilities with our technology are endless and our systems are usable in multiple different ways. Therefore, we broadened our horizon and started serving other industries as well.

Media & Entertainment

Highly accurate data is the solution

Inmotio has multiple use cases where the Local Positioning Measurment (LPM) technology has served different (combined) solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry. The LPM-system provides highly accurate data at 1.000 Hz and by combining it with other tracking systems, the drifting of objects can be prevented. Examples of use cases are Virtual Reality (VR)-solutions and sensor suit data. These solutions are often used in the gaming, film, broadcasting and other entertainment industries.

Connect with your own system


In the broadcasting industry Inmotio can provide data that broadcasters can use as additional information during the broadcasting, such as player or object speeds, areas, distances, etc.


Inmotio & GeneSys provide accurate indoor position management

Inmotio offers the most accurate ADMA integration system. In strong cooperation with our partner GeneSys, Inmotio helps manufacturers around the globe in optimising vehicle testing and performance. Read more about the usage of the LPM-system in the automotive industry on this page.

Trajectory analysis

New opportunities

We are always open to new opportunities. So if you are in need of highly accurate spatiotemporal (tracking) data of people and/or objects, feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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