Privacy Statement

Privacy-sensitive data is processed through the website ( of and the SaaS service provided by Inmotio Object Tracking B.V. This data is referred to as personal data. We believe that it is very important to treat personal data carefully. It is for this reason that we process and secure personal data.

In the course of processing we comply with the requirements stipulated in the relevant privacy legislation. Amongst other things, this means that we:

  • clearly stipulate the purposes for which we process such personal data in this privacy statement;

  • confine the collection of personal data to that which is required for the purposes that have been determined;

  • first ask you for your explicit consent to process your personal data in those situations in which your consent is required;

  • adopt appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require this of any party that processes your personal data at our behest;

  • respect your right to have us present you with your personal details to inspect, correct or delete at your request.

In this privacy we explain which personal data we collect and use, and for what purpose we do this. We recommend that you read this statement carefully. Please refer to our Cookie statement on our use of Cookies.

This privacy statement was last amended on March 14th 2019.

Use of personal data

When you use our website, you leave certain data behind. Such data is often of a business nature but it may sometimes also be personal. In general, we process your personal data for the purposes of providing our services and for related purposes, such as invoicing, providing support, and tracking down and combating fraud or the misuse of our services. More specifically, we process your data for the following purposes:

  1. the registration process which you follow to register for a subscription (on a trial basis or otherwise);

  2. granting access to our services;

  3. processing the contact form which you have filled in;

  4. sending you any newsletters if you have been registered for any;

  5. sending you messages pertaining to our services;

  6. sending you invitations to participate in surveys covering customer satisfaction and loyalty, for example.

When doing this, we process the following data:

  1. your records – your name, sex, address and contact details (telephone number and email address), and your payment and business details;

  2. your access records – your log-in data comprising your user name and password;

  3. your contact form – your name, email address and the information which you voluntarily enter into your message;

  4. our newsletters – your email address. An unsubscribe option is available in the case of each newsletter;

  5. our service messages – in addition to the service messages which are presented as part of our services, we may send service messages to your email address.

Gravity Forms

Our forms are created by the WordPress plugin “Gravity Forms” (by Rocketgenius Inc.). When submitting a form, the data you submit, will be saved in the website’s (WordPress) database. So it’s possible that we save some personal data. Next to the forms you fill in, we’ll also save the IP-address of the user submitting the form. We do this to prevent SPAMmers from abusing our forms. In no-way this data is shared with RocketGenius. 

Every form you submit will also be sent to ActiveCampaign. When you accept cookies and submit a form, we will also install a cookie to identify you the next time you visit the website, so we can show you more relevant content. You can find the privacy policy from Gravity Froms here.


We use cookies. Please read our cookie statement for more information about this.


With us your personal data is in safe hands. We have adopted various technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against misuse, unauthorised access and other forms of unlawful processing.

Video monitoring

In and around our building we use public video monitoring to secure our staff, business and property. In those places where video monitoring occurs, this is clearly indicated on stickers. Only authorised persons may have access to the video images. Unless a disaster occurs, those video images are stored for no longer than seven (7) days before they are deleted. In this case the images are deleted once they are no longer required in connection with the relevant disaster.

Retention periods

Your personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

Supply to other parties

We will not supply your personal data to any other party, unless this is required for the purposes of providing the service requested or if we have a legal duty to do so.

Third-party websites

This statement does not apply in the case of any third-party websites which are linked to our website by means of hyperlinks. This is because we cannot guarantee that those websites will deal with your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. Before using such a website, please always read its privacy statement so as to ensure that your data will be dealt with properly.


If you are sixteen (16) years of age or younger, you may only use our website under the supervision of your parents or legal representative.

Amendment of this privacy and cookie statement

We may amend this privacy statement from time to time. Any amendment will be published on our website. We therefore recommend that you consult this privacy statement regularly, so as to ensure that you are aware of any such amendment.

Inspection and amendment of your data

If you have supplied us with personal data, you may send us a request to view, amend or delete it. To do so, please contact us using the method of your choice. If your data is incorrect (or no longer correct), you may ask us to amend or delete it.

In order to prevent any misuse from occurring in this respect, we may ask you to identify yourself appropriately by sending us a copy of valid proof of identity as well. Do not forget to conceal your CSN and passport photograph on such a copy. Where personal data is concerned which is linked to a cookie, you will be required to send us a copy of the cookie in question as well. You may find it through your browser settings.

Dutch Data Protection Authority

Naturally, we look forward to helping you if you have a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data. Should you nevertheless fail to reach agreement with us, in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation you are also entitled to submit a complaint to the privacy regulator, the Data Protection Authority.

Contact details

If you have any questions concerning your privacy and/or this privacy statement, please feel free to contact us.

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