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Inmotio’s tracking systems are the most precise wearable technology for capturing sports data. With products that have been developed over the last 10 years, Inmotio offers the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market. Tracking solutions produced are currently being used by professional sports teams for tactical and physical performance analysis. This is achieved through the generation of X,Y position data multiple times per second, for all players and the ball on the pitch, to further contextualise player performance as well as producing raw output to store, report, analyze or export.

In co-development with our clients we’ve developed our own Coaching Software which is able to transform raw output into direct insights using its core-functionalities and data metrics. You can read more about it here.

As an industry-leader in data capturing and data utilization, Inmotio’s products use both computer vision and sensor tracking to provide real-time insights across all sorts of fields – including stadiums, training grounds and indoor arena. Currently used in performance measurement, media and entertainment, Inmotio’s products are highly effective across several industries.


Inmotio’s wearable tracking solutions allow sports teams to easily track athletes for performance analysis. Including wearable tracking solutions, Inmotio helps to provide the full picture in sports performance analysis.

Local Position Measurement (LPM)

Local Position Measurement (LPM) technology is a RFID technology-based system that measures the position of players and athletes in real-time. Due to its ability to measure in both high frequency and high accuracy, the LPM technology enables us to deliver the best quality of data possible. After more than 10 years of usage within professional sports teams at top tier sports academies and indoor sport facilities, LPM technology has a successful history of producing highly accurate results for performance analysis. With a number of core functionalities, LPM technology continues to be the most comprehensive tracking solution for teams, leagues and federations around the world.

The world’s most accurate sports tracking solution

LPM is unrivalled when it comes to accuracy and is therefore the golden standard in player tracking and sports tracker hardware. By using a combination of several key components including base stations and transponders, Inmotio’s LPM technology can be used within sports facilities both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being the most accurate tracking solution on the market, Inmotio’s practical use of LPM technology is a comprehensive tool for physical analysis within sport.

Real-time solution for instant analysis

As well as being the most precise wearable technology for capturing sports data, Inmotio’s Tracking Software produces real-time data points for users. Based on its LPM system, real-time results provide users with instant results for usage in several types of sports performance analysis. 

World’s most accurate LPM
Measuring more than your position


Our GPS tracking system Inmotio Go, in partnership with ChyronHego, offers an alternative yet equally effective solution in comparison to LPM-based technology. With added usability in terms of mobility and ease of use, Inmotio Go provides additional ways for sports performance analysis. Just like the LPM system, our GPS solution can also be used in real-time with a tablet application providing immediate insights during training or matches. This type of product continues to add great value for sports academies and outdoor sports facilities around the world.

Mobile use at matches and training

One of the biggest benefits of GPS technology is its mobility. Through Inmotio Go, users can use additional tracking services at any time and, most importantly for sports teams, in any place. This means more usability during matches as well as training sessions – ultimately providing an immediate point of reference for performance analysis.

Easy-to-use system

In addition to being a quick tool for performance analysis, Inmotio Go’s GPS-based software is also an easy-to-use system. Through three main components, Inmotio Go is easily set up to produce accurate tracking solutions for performance analysis.

Optical tracking

Inmotio’s optical tracking solution converts video into tracking data with comprehensive coverage of all players, match officials and the ball during each session. This data delivery solution captures actions 25 times per second and further enables identifiable events from position data through our fully automated algorithms and AI models. This type of tracking solution can support a number of football-related parties including clubs, leagues, academies and associations.

Comprehensive tracking for tactical analysis

The tracking of all 22 players and the ball on the pitch provides the full picture of exactly what is going on. In tandem with contextualized positional data, comprehensive tracking of players can provide additional support for detailed tactical analysis.

Follow your players on foot
Watch it whenever you want to watch

Simple software plug-in

There is no need for extra equipment when using Inmotio’s Optical Tracking solutions. As long as users have existing static (high resolution) cameras available, a software plug-in option will allow for full functionalities – for example, during video analysis sessions. Through this highly scalable and fully autonomous tracking solution, users can further analyse specific actions on the pitch for full performance analysis.

Hybrid tracking

Hybrid tracking enables the ultimate platform for sports performance analysis through a range of key functionalities. The combination of LPM or GPS technology alongside Optical Tracking provides a unique and fully-fledged way of gaining match-winning insights. By combining both LPM or GPS technology with Optical Tracking, this solution enables top tier sports academies, clubs and associations to have the full picture in analysis of matches or training sessions.

The best of both worlds

Through the combination of both wearable and optical tracking solutions, hybrid tracking offers a powerful method of analysis. Using LPM or GPS-based systems alongside Optical Tracking brings users to the next level in performance analysis. This additional method of analysis enables further contextualised data that can be used for tactical analysis such as Opponent Analysis. 

Through the combination of both wearable and optical tracking solutions, Hybrid Tracking offers a powerful method for extensive performance analysis. Next to the physical analysis that is done with the wearables, Hybrid Tracking opens up the opportunity of tactical analysis. Your own player data from wearables is contextualized with the data from your opponent and or the ball, provided by our optical tracking solution. 

One of the biggest benefits of Hybrid Tracking is that it combines the strengths from both wearable (real-time and accurate) and optical (contextualized) tracking. This enables low latency, yet affordable data for all kinds of analyses, be it physical or tactical.

Tactical analysis based on the ball
All in one clear overview

Data provider agnostic

One of the biggest benefits of using Inmotio’s Hybrid Tracking services is that it is data provider agnostic. This means that our software can, next to our own LPM or GPS systems, work with any wearable tracker you are currently already using. On the output side we can export the data to any application you would like. So once a high resolution static camera feed of your session is available, the solution is a matter of plug-and-play within your existing workflow. Plus, it can be used for both match situations and practice sessions.

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