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Capture the most accurate sports data, provided by wearable, optical or even combined technologies

Tracking Solutions by inmotio

Inmotio products are the most precise for capturing object tracking data, in both real-time or post-match, matches and training sessions, and indoor and outdoor. With wearable and optical technologies that have been developed over the last 15 years, Inmotio offers the most comprehensive suite of tracking solutions on the market. Our products generate X,Y position data, based on which distances, speeds, accelerations and decelerations are calculated multiple times per second, for athletes, balls and other objects on the pitch.

Using our software, this raw data can then be used to further contextualise player and team performance in both physical and tactical analysis. And we have many options to store, report or export too. Next to this the data finds other applications too, like media and entertainment, but even in the automotive industry.

Local position measurement (LPM)

Local Position Measurement (LPM) technology is a radar technology-based system that measures the position of players in real-time. Due to its ability to measure in both high frequency (1.000 Hz) and high accuracy (+/- 10 cm), LPM technology ensures that the best data quality is delivered. After more than 15 years of usage within professional sports teams at top tier sports academies and indoor sport facilities, LPM technology has a successful history of highly accurate performance analysis.

The world's most accurate sports tracking solution

  • Unrivalled accuracy
  • Golden standard in player tracking and sports tracker hardware
  • Usable in both indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Comprehensive tool for physical analysis within sport


Our GPS tracking system, in partnership with Tracab, offers a portable alternative to the LPM solution. Inmotio GPS is intended to serve customers who accept a little lower accuracy – in terms of frequency (10 Hz) as well as position – against a lower budget. Just like the LPM system, our GPS solution can be used in real-time with a tablet application providing immediate insights during training sessions or matches. As a result, this product adds great value in physical performance analysis for sports academies and outdoor sports facilities around the world.

Mobile use at matches and training

One of the biggest benefits of GPS technology is its mobility. Through Inmotio GPS, users can use additional tracking services at any time and, most importantly for sports teams, in any outdoor venue. This means more usability during matches as well as training sessions – ultimately providing an immediate point of reference for performance analysis.

Pressure analysis

Highly Accurate

Inmotio GPS uses the highest grade GNSS chips on the market, normally reserved solely for military applications. The solution incorporates a base station that provides unique real-time data from weather satellites to enable live compensation to raw GNSS positions, resulting in unprecendented levels of accuracy.

Hybrid Tracking

Hybrid tracking is our newest and completely unique offering to the market. It provides data for both physical and tactical analysis against a very attractive budget. The solution combines LPM or GPS wearables alongside autonomous optical tracking, resulting in tracking data that covers all players, match officials and ball throughout a match. Your own players are all identified using wearable data, whereas your opponents’ locations are provided without identities. Compared to the full optical solution, no manual annotation is needed. This makes Hybrid data much faster, more affordable and with only a limited reduction of the quality in terms of completeness. This solution enables sports academies, clubs and associations to have the full picture in analysis of matches or training session.

The best of both worlds

  • Combining the strengths from both wearable (real-time and accurate) and optical (contextualized including ball) tracking
  • Powerful method for extensive performance analysis, both physical and tactical
  • Low latency, yet affordable data for all kinds of in-depth analyses
Connect with your own system

Data provider agnostic

Our software works with any provider you are already working with:

  • Next to our own LPM and GPS systems, we can ingest any wearable tracking you are currently already using
  • Once a static high resolution (Full HD or higher) camera feed of your session is available, the solution is a matter of plug-and play within your workflow
  • We can export the data to any format, database or athlete management system you would like

Full optical tracking

Inmotio’s optical tracking solution converts video into tracking data with comprehensive coverage of all players, match officials and the ball during every session. This data delivery solution captures actions 25 times per second and enables all kinds of tactical analyses based on pressure, space and many more attributes. This solution is unique as it runs on almost any static Full HD or higher panoramic video solution that is available in the market, which might already be available in your venue. Our optical solution serves the entire football domain, which includes clubs, leagues, academies and associations.

Comprehensive tracking for tactical analysis

The tracking of all 22 players and the ball on the pitch provides the full picture of exactly what is going on. In tandem with physical performance analysis, comprehensive tracking of players enables detailed tactical analysis.

Simple Software plug-in

There is no need for extra equipment as long as you have existing static and high resolution cameras available next to your pitch. If you do not have that yet, Inmotio is able to provide these cameras or guide you to one of our video solution partners. As the solution is entirely software based, it can run on a match-by-match basis and so does not require high investment to start enjoying your newest insights

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