Brøndby IF and Inmotio extend successful collaboration with Inmotio

News / 11-03-2021

Brøndby IF and performance analysis company Inmotio have reached an agreement on the extension of their partnership. Over the last few years, both parties have worked together intensively in the field of performance analysis through Inmotio’s Local Positioning Measurement (LPM) system. The extension of the collaboration includes a set of brand-new transponders and a continuation of the premium service agreement.

For a long time, Inmotio’s services have been an extensive part of Brøndby’s football department to support the performance and tactical staff. Inmotio’s LPM system has been used to monitor physical load and other performance-related aspects of training sessions. These insights help the Performance Analysts in optimally periodizing the training load and optimizing the performance of players.

Next to that, Brøndby IF is working together with a range of Danish universities and Human Movement scientists doing their research with, amongst others, the Inmotio LPM system. This helps bring both Brøndby IF, science and Inmotio to a higher level.

Peder Siggaard, Sports Project Manager at Brøndby IF: ”We implemented the Inmotio system in the summer of 2016. After getting to know the system through daily use it became an integral part of our training sessions and matches. We expanded the system to cover all our first team training pitches in 2018. The data collected through the Inmotio system is a cornerstone in breaking down the physical data aspects of the daily training. This is also the reason for us extending our partnership with Inmotio for the years to come.”

“I am delighted that we extended our partnership for the coming years. Brøndby IF has been a valuable partner for Inmotio so far and we hope we can both benefit from this collaboration. The fact that Brøndby IF has a close collaboration with Science helps us in getting even more value out of the system. Especially now that we can deliver the new improved transponder with even more functionalities like the integrated 9D sensor.” Harald Hofstede, Head of Commercial at Inmotio
KNVB Pidso Riedel ASI